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Browns’ David Njoku: ‘I want 20 touchdowns this year’

Create a list of Cleveland Browns offensive weapons.
How far down that list does David Njoku land?
It (probably) goes Baker, Odell, Jarvis, Chubb, Kareem Hunt when not suspended, then Njoku.
The lively tight end landing well down the record underscores the Browns’ dynamic turnaround from prior seasons, in which deficiencies on that side of the ball were profound.
Heading to his third year, the pick could be in for a jump, getting one of the best tight ends in the NFL.
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While working out with Baker Mayfield along with other teammates in Los Angeles, Njoku ceased by the Rich Eisen Show on Tuesday and has been asked about his goals for its 2019 season.
“Frankly speaking, I do not really put numbers into my goals,” Njoku told Eisen. “I just feel like when I gave everything that I could to the game, just worked my hardest, I feel as I’ll feel accomplished”
. . .Wait for this…
“With that said, I want 20 touchdowns this season,” Njoku added laughing before heading back to his canned responses. “I just feel, for me, just knowing that I gave I got will make me feel accomplished.”
Sure, Njoku was mostly joking about 20 touchdowns — though we shouldn’t ever chastise a professional athlete to setting the bar high. Just two players in NFL history have reached the 20-TD catch bar: Jerry Rice (22) in 1987, and Randy Moss (23) in 2007. Rob Gronkowski’s 17 TDs in 2011 were the most ever for a tight end. Last season, Antonio Brown led the NFL with 15 TDs and Eric Ebron led TEs.
Is beside the point. The broader notion that the numerical utterance conjures is a debate about whether the tight end is potentially primed for a big season.
Still just 22 years old, Njoku possesses the perfect mix of size at 6-foot-4, 246 pounds, and athleticism to be a dominant tight wind induce, if he could become consistent in most aspects. Last year , he showed flashes of becoming a potential difference-making goal for Mayfield, that can take advantage of mismatches within the center, flying beyond linebackers and bullying safeties. His 639 yards and four TDs on 56 receptions demonstrated promise, but the ceiling might be much greater.
Improved route-running from Year 1 to Year 2 was evident on Njoku’s film, and while he wasn’t the best blocker because of his place, he got markedly better. Taking these strides to a different degree in Year 3 will determine just how large Njoku’s jump can be.
The talent is there for Njoku. One major question is whether there’ll be enough pigskin to move around. Together with Mayfield needing to feed Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry, keep the RBs joyful, etc.. Njoku’s numbers may be suppressed more than if he were playing in a crime devoid of such talents.
The TE himself noted how stacked the offense is heading into 2019.
“We have Odell, Jarvis, (Antonio) Callaway, (Rashard)’Hollywood’ Higgins, mepersonally, Kareem Hunt, Nick Chubb, Duke Johnson, Baker Mayfield. That’s just the offense,” Njoku said. “The shield is completely piled too.”
Maybe overly piled for Njoku to generate close to 20 TDs, but in Cleveland that is a fantastic thing.
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